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hello, from me

i'm ashleigh dougherty

A part time blogger who went a little MIA in 2020. Sharing all aspects of life and anything that I feel needs sharing. Mother to a very cute 2 year old, a chocolate labrador and residing somewhere in Essex.

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With a degree in photography and years' of experience, I can definitely help you with a photo or two! I can also help with photo editing or product photography.

"No post on sundays!"
- vernon dursley

[not literally, just for fun!]

I have always been a bit of a clean freak, but it is now even more important to me since growing our family and owning our own home. With everything going on in the world right now, I like to make sure the areas within our home that are used or touched daily, are deep

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I won’t lie, I much prefer online shopping than heading to the shops in person. However, due to the UK lockdown, heading over to my local shopping centre is a no-go. So, if I want something and I’m unable to find it in a local supermarket, then online shopping it is! Disclaimer: Guest Post I

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My little boy has just turned 1 years old and is pretty much the most destructive little human I have ever known. He has just started to discover that cupboard doors open and he hasn’t quite realised yet that he’s now too tall to cruise underneath the table. This got me thinking about when he

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